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Sherlock & Mirinda

As first time RV buyers we wanted to be sure that we were not stepping into such a large purchase blindly. After doing some research, we found out that NRVIA is the most trusted network of RV Inspectors. Via their national webpage we found Daniel and quickly learned that he was very well qualified and certified to perform our motorhome Inspection.

From my very first time reaching out to Daniel he was courteous, professional and patient with us as first-time buyers. We opted for the full inspection and don’t regret it at all. Daniel was very thorough and even went to great lengths in coordinating details with our dealership. He took hundreds of pictures and found everything from the minor details with problematic potential to safety concerns in our motorhome that were important to my family.

Most of all I like the fact that Daniel will be there to support you even after your inspection is over. I recently called him with a concern about my HVAC system, and he patiently walked me through troubleshooting the problem over the phone successfully.

For most of us, an RV is probably the most expensive purchase that we will make aside from buying a house. I would recommend Daniel from “Let’s See RV Inspections” to anyone who is interested in buying a recreational vehicle and wants the peace of mind in knowing that they are making the right purchase.

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Richard Collett

Excellent! Would Recommend. As a first-time RV owner I contacted Daniel to do a general inspection prior to purchase. Prior to the inspection Daniel sent me a checklist of the inspection and different


EXCELLENT! Would Recommend. As a first time buyer, it was recommended that we use a certified inspector. We found an RV, and had only a few days to get the inspection done. Daniel was able to do it, n

David L

I had no knowledge or experience about Buying an RV and after reading a few websites about RV's I decided it would be a good idea to hire a certified RV Inspector. I found 'Let's see RV ' on the NRVIA


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