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Our Story

     Let’s See RV inspections began with the desire to save other recreational vehicle enthusiasts from some of the pain we went through when we purchased our first two motorhomes. We had never heard of an RV inspection when we purchased our first coach.  We just wanted to jump in and see the country! We knew what type of vehicle we wanted and our budget. We searched online and found what seemed like the ideal floorplan for us. There was one at a dealership and one from a private party.  We chose to purchase from a sweet, retired couple who only used the coach in the winter. It had less than three thousand miles on it, so what could be wrong with it? We bought it the day after we looked at it and brought it home. If we had known to check the tires for age, as well as mileage, we would have known we were going to spend over $2500 on new tires. If a proper inspection had been done, we would have known the awning material needed to be changed, the water heater hadn’t been maintained, or that the black tank hadn’t properly been cleaned.  Instead of spending money on an inspection, we spent money on items that should have been taken care of by the seller.  Lesson learned, right?  We were more prepared when we bought our second motorhome, or so we thought.  

     After loving the introduction to the RV lifestyle, we decided to upgrade to a bigger motorhome with a diesel engine instead of gas.  This time we purchased through a consignment dealer.  They offered an inspection for the low price of $450.  Sounded like a great deal to us, after all we were buying from out of state. After being told everything was fine, we flew to Texas to pick up our new beauty. When we got there, we expected to receive a written report about the inspection since the salesman had assured us everything was fine, and the inspection was completed. We were then introduced to a young man who walked us through the coach and demonstrated how to use everything. When asked why this was being done since we weren’t new to the RV world, we were told we had paid $450 for this walkthrough inspection of the coach.  This was not an inspection at all!  You might be wondering how this turned out for us. Let’s just say that the costs of resealing the slides and replacing the flooring that was damaged due to a leak from the slide was more than the cost of a Premier Inspection from a Certified RV Inspector .

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